Real Madrid – Barcelona: forecast and bet by Ivan Mlechny

El clásico v Real Madrid v Barcelona.

The sign is cool, the sign is eternal. In fact, it is in this match that it will become clear who will be the main competitor for Atlético in the fight for the championship in Spain.

The teams came up to this game in good shape. Real Madrid have not lost their last 12 matches, Barcelona in the last 9. The only difference is that Real Madrid continue their path in the Champions League, unlike their Spanish counterparts.

In Barcelona, ​​someone else besides Messi finally started scoring. Dembele and Griezmann, who failed the match with PSG, began to upset the opponents’ goal. It was the departure from PSG that was supposed to be a kind of shake-up for Barcelona, ​​add motivation, anger and make them the main competitors in the fight against Atlético. But, as it seems to me, everything is not so simple here.

Both teams are plagued by injuries, especially in the defensive line, so it could have seemed that a match rich in goals awaited us, but this impression is deceiving. I have three reasons for this. The first is Real Madrid’s excellent midfield play. Modric, who does whatever he wants with the opponent’s midfield, Kroos, whose passes are just crazy, and Casemiro, who plows like Papa Carlo, working out in front and behind. It seems to me that it was this trio who beat Liverpool, in the match against Barcelona in the center of the field, Real will be all right.

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The second reason is the big match factor. For example, Karim Benzema loves to fail such matches very much. Dembele is also not ready to decide for Barcelona, ​​and Griezmann recently became a father for the third time, he may well enter the field, soaring in the clouds.

The third reason is the unstable play of Atletico Madrid, which squandered all its advantage over competitors. He may well continue to lose points, therefore, even if the teams play a draw, they will not lose their chances of winning the championship. No one will fly at breakneck speed in this match, so my forecast for this meeting is total less than 3.

It was Vanya Mlechny, this is my forecast specially for the “Rating of Bookmakers”.

Editorial forecast # 171; RB# 187;

Everything is trite here. Both teams have lost top defenders, Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos, and have huge holes in midfield. Team leaders Lionel Messi and Karim Benzema scored wild. Therefore, the TB rate (2.5) for 1.63 looks like the best option in the upcoming meeting.

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